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Lost in my thoughts

unwilling to ask for directions

23 December
Hey-o! I'm Nera, currently going by the handle Kitty_Stitcher.

I just recently started writing fanfiction for Doctor Who. You can find my drabbles, ficlets, and full-length fictions at who_writings. I don't have much up there yet, but that's changing rapidly.

I has a Master List! It also has my cliche_bingo prompt card, to show which prompts I have stories finished and posted for (the prompts that are done are links to stories).

I'm really into cross stitch right now, especially the counted variety. I also like manga, anime, Star Trek (mostly TOS and Voyager), Star Wars, Buffy TVS, Angel (of the same universe as Buffy), and CSI:. My current great big obsession is Doctor Who, and that spills over into Torchwood to some extent. My current favorite actor is David Tennant, for obvious reasons...although my current favorite Doctor is subject to change with a whim *grins*

(slight diversion into Doctor Who stuff...)
For those people who like Doctor Who, I have also fallen in love with a certain fan webcomic that is so good it should be cannon. It's by a guy named Rich Morris. I don't work for him or anything like that, I just think that his comic should be read by everyone it can. Here's the link to the first page:
This comic is now complete.

Mr. Morris is now working on a new Doctor Who comic. It's a cross-over with a series called Forever Knight. I think it looks quite intriguing, and I'm certainly looking forward to following the story as it unfolds.
Here's the first page: http://comics.shipsinker.com/2009/06/03/forever-janette-1/

If you are at all interested in any form of the Doctor Who fandom and reading this page, I suggest you check these comics out!
(end shameless plug)

So, more about me...
I am a Unitarian Universalist, which in my opinion basically means I study other religions and then decide what I want to believe. Since the 8th grade, I have believed in reincarnation and karma, though I don't consider myself Hindu or a Buddhist. I don't judge, and I don't hate; everyone is welcome at my door. I hope you drop by for a chat, and maybe a spot of tea!

Fight my brute: http://tarnera.mybrute.com

I love html. I'm actually getting quite good at it :D