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Random Things #99: OMG WTF BBQ

Lj what are you doing.

No, seriously. What the fuck are you doing.

I am not pleased with this. At all. LJ seriously needs to reconsider what it is doing. Most of the people I interact with online are not at all cool with this--especially since this new feature registers a far more accurate location than the IP address does.

My IP logging, thankfully, has always been turned off. Because this feature? Also prevents you from erasing whatever IP logs have already shown up on your journal.

Way to go, LJ. Keep pushing. I'm sure you'll transform into a beautiful FButterfly, and we'll all go to IJ or DW or somewhere.
Tags: bbq, i am too braindead for this bullshit, i quit let's all go home, not how that's supposed to work, wtf, wtf plz?
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