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Random Things #98: World-making

I have lately been reading a book called Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes... idk what genre of book this is. But I highly recommend it all the same.

Anyway, I bring it up because I really really want a game based on this world. Specifically, the Prison aspect of it.

Here's how I think it would work...

Scum, Civicry: Most of the people in the Prison. These are people born there, who have lived their whole lives there. They would need to be NPC's or possibly AU's, of course. OC's would also work.

Civicry - More-or-less civilized people who live in bands, traveling around the Prison. They have the best food, a basic monetary system, clothing.

Scum - Like what their name implies, they tend to live off others. Ambushing the Civicry to sustain themselves, so on and so forth.

Prisoners: The Prison hasn't had new Prisoners for a long time, but now for some reason they're turning up. These would be AU's, OU's, or OC's who were for some unexplained reason transported here.

Cellborn: Now this is why I want this to be a game. The Cellborn are created by the Prison. They are born of it; they have no name but what the Prison gave them, no memories before waking in their cell. They can be born any age. However... they receive images, visions that the Prisoners say are the Prison communicating with the Cellborn. The visions seem familiar to the Cellborn, like they are something from their past, somehow forgotten...

The Cellborn may try to claim they're really from Outside. But everyone knows the Cellborn are crazy. Any visions they receive will most likely be dismissed as insanity by the Prisoners.

So, OU's or OC's, memory-wiped.

The point of the game would be to try and escape the Prison, of course. But never forget, Prisoners... the Prison is alive. And it is watching you.

I have NO IDEA how this game would work, and I know I would make a terrible mod. Lol. But I... I really, really want it to, now.
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