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Random Things #97: Blah blah update

My paid acct ran out. Blah.

Oh well, I don't exactly have the money for it right now anyway, and since I only use it, like, once a month if that it's really not worth the expense.

Anyway... it is long past time I posted some of the songs I have floating around for my various RP characters. I want to put them in a place I can find them again easily, because lol, memory like a freaking goldfish.

Ginko (of Mushishi). Or as he's known in the particular memory loss game I'm part of, Cloud.

Feather Moon, by Vienna Teng. The lyrics just fit so very well. If you know Mushishi, you'd agree with me. Or not, w/e.

Harbor, also by Vienna Teng. Now, this song is a bit shippy and he's not really that kind of character, but I can see it applying (platonically) to any of his friends in canon--Adashino, Tanyuu, even Isaza. But more the first two. In ES, I'd say it applies a bit more... romantically toward Bellflower (Unohana Retsu of Bleach). But it probably won't go anywhere, ahah /pats Ginko.

...I like to think of this as my Ginko/Tanyuu song. Baaaaaw.

Iiiiiii guess I'll include this one, though only the first half really fits. But this is definitely ES Ginko.

The Tower, by Vienna Teng once again. This song is probably the most fitting song I've been able to find for him so far. It's just... so him. And so very baaaw, in subtle ways, which also fits him so very well.

And of course, I can't let any Mushishi/music spam post go without posting some obligatory awesome.

...also, so poor Romana isn't neglected, I think this is a pretty good Romana/4 song:

Gravity, Vienna Teng.

Hmm. I think I'm sensing a theme of sorts here.
Tags: doctor who, edensphere, mushishi, music is love, roleplay
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