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Cross stitch update

Hmmph. All semester I didn't touch my stitching. Then I get off for winter break and I pick it up again with a vengeance.

I finally finished the mermaid! She's so beautiful...

And the other sea dragon! I posted the closeup of the right-hand one some time ago.

A closer view of the tail (and all the freaking beading)

And the crown motif at the top. So beautiful!

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with her, exactly... I should frame her. But I am so in love with this piece XD

I finally started working on this piece again, too...

I think it's gonna look awesome when I finish it.

I've been working on the Santa tree skirt too, but I don't have any pictures of it just yet.

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Tags: cross stitch, dragon, mermaid
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