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Random Things #68: Geronimooooooooo~

I didn't do the running commentary thing this time, I had a friend on standby I could squawk at XD

As per usual, spoilers and such under the cut.

First off, I'm gonna say that, unlike what seems like every other fan out there, I loved this episode (my apologies if the reader loved it too). Loved it to pieces.

Yes, the whole humans-to-Master thing seemed crazy and impossible and IT WILL NEVER WORK... but it did. And it actually was amusing and plausible for Doctor Who (I mean, this is Who. You have to expect some crack with your sugar), and the rescue thing was hysterical (Doctor: Cacti. Green dood: That's racist! and also, WORST. RESCUE. EVER.). And the Master actually had a good, only slightly insane, idea, using all 6 billion, whatever selves of him to figure out where the signal-thing was coming from.

Yes, throwing the diamond into the HOLOGRAM OF EARTH was a bit... uh, lol wut. But these are Time Lords, they can create black holes by wiggling their noses. Why can't they throw something at a hologram and have it rocket across space to where the planet really is? Anyway, MOVING ON. :D

Wilf was just as adorable as ever (We're in space!) The tiny, quiet scene between him and 10 nearly had me in tears.

And then 10 decided to fly the ship into the atmosphere and crash through a roof. Not the best plan, really, but I was impressed that he didn't pass out upon impact, haha. Well now we know what happened to that bastard, Rassilon... no wonder the Doctor never swears by his name anymore. He really is a jerk. Granted, I knew this by listening to 'Zagreus,' but still it's nice to see it confirmed in canon everyone accepts. Or... a lot of people at least, considering the number of people who might be tactfully ignoring this episode XD

The scene with the gun. I seriously thought he would shoot the Master for a minute there. And the Mysterious Woman Who Sometimes Wears White! I don't care what the confidential says, I don't care what they say in interviews! Until they confirm this in any way, shape, or form in canon I accept, my headcanon states that that woman is Romana. I think this is about when I started getting teary... the way she looked at him, just... oh, man, so much baaaaaaw.

Man, that look the Master gave the Doctor right at the end... and then the Master saved the Doctor's life! That... oh, man, I'm sad that he gave his life to save the Doctor, basically.

...maybe they'll bring him back. I hope so... the Master defines the Doctor, in so many ways, and he's always been a part of his life until now. The Doctor's the last Time Lord again...

And then this moment. The Doctor was so happy he was alive... and then... oh, man, I'm really quite happy I wasn't spoilered for that. I realized what was going on right away, but oh god why did it have to be Wilf...

And then onto the session of crying. I didn't stop the whole way till the end. Just... the Doctor revisiting all his old companions, all the ones he'd had this whole wild journey. Micky being married to Martha was a bit... much, but I suppose I can overlook it because the rest of the episode was so great. I was happy to see both Jack and Alonso again... I wonder how they'll work out? I certainly hope Jack's not trying to replace Ianto, but the guy deserves to have a little happiness in his eternal life. The Doctor going to see Nurse Redfern's granddaughter was a nice touch, too.

Donna got her happy ending at last... I'm so glad. She deserved it. I'll miss her... and Wilf. I'm gonna miss Wilf so much. I might miss him more than 10, actually, and that's saying a lot.

I didn't even mind seeing Rose again. That was a sweet moment... I half expected him to tell her, 'Say no the first time. You'll know when I mean.' or something like that.

That regeneration was a bit explosive XD I don't remember 9 blowing up the TARDIS when he regenerated! 10 just has to do everything so loudly, doesn't he? Even dying...

And omg, the first five seconds of 11 were enough to make up for all the tears and sadness 10 had put me through. (I'm a girl! I'm still not ginger! lulz.)

I'll miss 10. Oh, so much, I'll miss him, and all the people he ran with... but I'm looking forward to seeing where 11 will run.

Geronimooooo! (which looks to be the new 'Allons~y!', amirite?)
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