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Cross Stitch Update

I finished Mai!!! I'm so happy :D

I've started uploading my pictures to photobucket rather than using the scrapbook feature of LiveJournal...which is why my pictures are so much bigger.

Mai Finish
Cross stitch,Finished piece,Mai

And some close-ups of the French Knots, of which I am especially proud. There are also a bunch of Lazy Daises in one of the pics, which I found very annoying to do, heh.
Without gold metallic thread...
And with gold metallic thread...
And then the thread in her headdress. I did it a bit oddly, it's pulling at the cloth beneath...

I also managed to complete another block in my BoInk. I really like this one!
Book of Ink Circles

Finally, for some strange reason I decided to start another project, despite having three projects already in progress. Still, it's been lurking in my stash for probably close to three years, so it's about time I started it anyway, right?

It has lots of blending filament; I haven't had a project that used quite so much before. It'll be shiny, at the very least :D

A Mythical Dragon, WIP I
A Mythical Dragon

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