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Random Things #43: I'd be bouncing off the walls right now if I wasn't so tired.

Something amazingly cool happened tonight. Well, technically it happened this past weekend, but I didn't find out about it until tonight at the SCA meeting.

This past weekend was A Simple Day in the Country, an SCA event which has much dancing, fighting, and good times had by all in general... I assume, I've never been to this event, sadly. Anyway! The most important thing about this event is that there is Court, with the current King and Queen in attendance. This is a big deal, since we of the Shattered Crystal Barony don't get to see the King and Queen much. However, I didn't even think about making plans to go to this, because of various things, the biggest of which is that my Dad was coming home for the weekend to do home improvement things. It was strongly hinted that my assistance would be appreciated/required.

In retrospect, I really wish I'd gone. I got an award! My first award ever. And what's more, I got an important award--I am now, officially, a Lady. I got my Award of Arms. This means my name, Tangwstal (I'm going for a Welsh persona, you pronounce it Tang-OO-stel) is officially recognized, and I can submit a Device for approval. I can then display said Device at any events I attend so that people know I'm there (if they know what my Device is, anyway). For people not in the SCA, my excitement upon receiving this award is about on par with meeting David Tennant at a con. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY NOW :DDDDDDDDDD

I has pictures!

The award itself. Sooooo pretty! I'm gonna have to frame it nicely.

Sweet! You can kind of read that... let me know if anyone has trouble making out what it says and wants to know, I'll edit this to put the words here.

The seal of Rassilon the Kindgom! I'm all official, a stamp and everything, ha!

And the signature of our King and Queen, who use runic script, obviously.

So, yeah. Now I have to come up with my Device... what do you guys think? Crossed Sonic Screwdrivers over a Tyger rampant, both Argent, on a field of TARDIS blue?
Tags: happy, oh those crazy scadians
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